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Flooring El Paso is a necessary component of any home because it is frequently used and should always remain the same.

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Flooring Solutions el paso

Flooring Solutions El Paso

The floor

A floor is a flat surface where people walk on, and this can be found everywhere in the house or the office space. There are various types of floors and other forms of installation. There are synthetic floors to hardwood floors or even tiles. But whatever type of floor it may be, it needs to be taken care of. Depending on the design and maintenance, a floor can increase its value. For every flooring, Flooring Solutions El Paso is always available.

Floorings for one of a kind projects

Hospital floors

There has to be a kind of floor that can ward of bacteria and other pathogens that can make people more prone to sickness. Hospital-acquired infection is not something taken to be lightly, especially for older patients, kids, or people with a weak immune system. Nosocomial infection can get in the way of floor reconstruction. The challenge is to contain any air or water contaminants in the area within the building.

The process starts with surveying the area, and this is to know where the traffic is mainly concentrated along with the associated risks. The next thing to do is alerting the staff and putting up barriers to avoid accidents or to let everybody know that construction is ongoing. As the construction begins, the entire floor will be replaced with the current ones. Then a solution will be spread all over the floor, and this is to coat the floor so it will not be susceptible to microbes.

Flooring Solutions El Paso TX will take care of the disinfection process.

The subfloors

The first thing people notice with every construction part is the flooring, such as wood, vinyl, carpeting, epoxy, and other materials. What they don’t know is what’s underneath, and it is equally important with the above structure. Flooring Solutions El Paso firmly believes that a properly made and maintained subfloor is an essential part of a complete floor solution. We can manage the physical aspects of the vital steps in the putting up floors to the finishing touches needed. Proper management is essential in preventing floor covering failures. This is mainly in the health care industry. One mishap can cause millions in damages.

Epoxy flooring

Epoxy flooring is one of the popular floor protection for concrete. This is made of several layers of resin the is poured onto the concrete, and once it settles in, the flooring can be impervious to water and traffic damage as well as mold and mildew. There are tons of epoxy flooring available commercially and industrially. Check out epoxy flooring El Paso for more.

Why us?

At Flooring Solutions El Paso, we use the latest technology when it comes to the removal and coating of floors. This way, any rooms within the vicinity will not be disturbed. Our projects will gladly listen to your inquires and find a solution that would benefit the contractor and the building owner. Even though it’s past working hours, we will still finish the work for the day, and we also communicate everything to other contractors to avoid confusion.

The bottom line 

Flooring solutions are essential in maintaining the integrity of the floors for more prolonged use. There are various ways of putting up floors, and it will depend on the company and contractors. Floor epoxy is a versatile coating for protection and design. It is worth mentioning that there should be an agreement on when to finish the project to not interfere with the working environment. Always ensure that every inquiry by the building manager is answered to give them peace of mind; flooring solutions and services, call Floor Solutions El Paso.

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Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM - 6PM
Address: 880 N Zaragoza Rd, El Paso, TX 79907, United States